John Cessna is a photographer, video artist, and comedian living and working in the midwest. He received his BA in Film in 2007 and his MFA in Photography/Electronic & Time-Based Media in 2010 both from Purdue University. John's thesis, "Oak and Tardis: The suburban image in film/tv and the evolution of consumer media from 1982-1999" is available for academic use.

He's been shown in numerous galleries and exhibitions throughout the country, published domestically by Nikon/Photographer's Forum, the Oculus Group from Temple University, and internationally by the Sony World Photography Awards. Photographer Joel Meyerowitz personally selected his work for a show, stating that it was, “many things all at once: a mystery, with a touch of malevolence, a surprise, in the way it works on the mind’s eye…” His series of darkly humorous Christmas photographs have been profiled on American websites Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and MSN, as well as internationally in the UK, Germany, and Australia. The viral series has garnered a combined total of almost ninety million views online.

In the commercial world, John's worked on a variety of media projects alongside names like Alec Baldwin, Taylor Swift, and Audrina Patridge. His work has included several TV commercials, webseries, national broadcasts, and live events.

In addition to his media projects, John can currently be seen on stages throughout the midwest performing standup comedy. His act is best described as "stories from a life misspent obsessing over 90s movies, chasing after damaged girls, and in general, being an over-educated white kid whose only real problem is a delightful mix of neurosis and vanity." More information can be found at:

He currently uses his passion for media education as an Instructional Media Consultant & Project Manager for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. At UM, John specializes in instructional media, design, and best practices with a focus on student engagement and program/curriculum development. He project manages eLearning, residential, and hybrid-model instructional frameworks and serves as a producer for video productions, live webcasts, and school wide educational technology innovations. 



Special thanks to the continued efforts of my collaborators and crew: Alexa Colella, Paul & Lindsay McCormick, Dan Skubal, Will Cabral, Chris Voelz, Wes Cummins, Jeff Spanke, Kevin O'Shea, and Brad Oman.