"Seeing the Light" with Joel Meyerowitz and Phoozl.com

When I was in graduate school, my mentor Tim Fuller introduced me to the work of Joel Meyerowitz. I fell in love with Joel's Cape Cod series and the way the light in his photographs became a subject of its own. His influence is a strong presence in my own portfolio.

Unfortunately Tim passed away in 2010, but I know he'd be proud of my work taking both 3rd place and an Honorable Mention for Best Interior in Phoozl.com's "Seeing the Light" contest, which was curated by Meyerowitz himself. I'm told that out of a few thousand entries, I'm the only one to get two into the winner's circle. 


About my photo, "The Oak St Basement", Meyerowitz had this to say:

This image is many things all at once: a mystery, with a touch of malevolence, a surprise, in the way it works on the mind’s eye, and a description of a place at that in-between hour when ordinary things take on an uncertain character. The French have a name for this hour; “Entre Chien et Loup” between the dog and the wolf. I have always seen that to mean, ‘between the known and the unknown,’ which is certainly the case with this photograph.


It's an immense honor to have Meyerowitz speak about my work, and I know wherever he is, Tim's pretty proud right now.