Christmas time and the internet loves me for 90 seconds

It's been an insane afternoon. I put up the new Christmas card and hit #1 on all of Reddit. Also there's a full run on Buzzfeed.  

I could not have gotten this photo done without the amazing help of Will Cabral and Wes Cummins. I had an idea and these guys jumped in and took it to the entirely next level. They were more than crew and more than collaborators—this is as much their image as it is mine. In addition, it could not have happened without Ben Konowitz. I pitched him over text message and he was immediately on board, supporting us 100% of the way, in front of the camera in the red hat, and behind the camera getting our amazing extras and location. Ben is also a comic and owns part of the Drop Comedy Club. You should check them out. (I'm there 1/31-2/1.)


If you want to get one in the mail, shoot me your address:

I'm still sort of shaking. This has been so much fun and I'm really glad people dig the shot!