2014 Christmas Photo Madness

It's that magic time of year where the internet rallies around my funny, weird holiday photo, causing it to go viral and subsequently embarrass my mom. We had an amazing reaction to 2013's, so I was definitely worried about topping it this year.

Not only did we top it, but we blew it out of the water. I'm so thrilled with the image we created and the response has been mind-blowing. Before I get into specifics I have to thank some folks. This photo would’ve been nothing more than a dumb idea scribbled in a notebook if it were not for the unending work, motivation, and vast talents of my filmmaking friends Daniel SkubalWilliam Cabral, and Wes Cummins. These guys are seriously amazing. Go watch their stuff, hire them to work on your stuff, and never regret anything else in your life. Additionally the amazing Santa portrait was done by illustrator Veronica LaPage of LaPage Studios. Beyond her amazing commercial work, she’s constantly posting really cool designs and sketches on her page that even warm my dark, cynical heart when they show up in my feed. Definitely another person to like and hire!

This team is far more than crew or collaborators—this is as much their image as it is mine!

In the end, we topped r/Funny and peaked at #2 overall on Reddit, which is our main content aggregator for distribution. While the images spread to several websites, we received write ups from some bigger US sites including Ashton Kutcher's aplus.com, Elite Daily, and Mental_Floss, while Stern in Germany also ran the images for a second time.

Turning to numbers, last year we did roughly 1.2 million hits, and our goal this year was 1.5. I honestly wasn't sure we'd hit it because the internet is insanely fickle. After a week of being online, this year's card did just over 3.3 million hits, which is mind boggling to me. To put it in perspective, more people saw my image in a week than visited MoMA in the entire 2011 season. All told at this point, just where I host the images, the entire series has a cumulative count of over 34 million views. 

I'm eternally grateful to all the people who donate so much time, effort, and energy to this little project that started from a random email back in 2008, but I'm most thankful that I have a year to figure out how we're going to top this: